Marketing and Sales Training

When it comes to identifying your employees' sales and marketing training needs any organisation needs to ensure that their training budget is spent effectively. In addition to looking at every person's role within the sales team, it is as important to take into account your organisation's overall approach to marketing: for example, do you intend to maximise short-term sales and profits or does your business aim to develop longer-term customer relationships. Or perhaps both?

Employees need training to help them with their specific role, tailored to your corporate needs and specific marketing activities and these may not be immediately apparent aside from contact customer, sell to customer: for example, having a person in your organisation who you can help develop their copywriting skills to help you with your advertising and PR, or training someone to learn how to exploit the opportunities that are presented on the internet viral marketing and social media sites. Training can also help develop broader skills such as using IT to sell. And on the higher level, it may mean that line managers can improve on their motivational skills through sales management training.

Sales and marketing training from the XYZ Training Group is a broad spectrum and the courses required need a consultative and identification process with the client before deployment takes place. We provide this consultation for free and can appoint to your business a specialist in the sector to help. The first step on the path is the identification of weaknesses in the performance of the differing teams and team members, or in the business overall. This will narrow the requirement and highlight the training required.

Other examples of where we can help might be in looking at poor sales performance which might indicate a lack of of selling techniques, while diminishing margins might indicate weak negotiation skills. Similarly, low levels of repeat business might suggest a need for customer service training. As well as helping develop new skills, training courses can help motivate and reinvigorate employees who have become battle weary.

Whatever your shortfall in sales or marketing, we are here to help. We offer both onsite private courses tailored to your organisation, open training courses at more than 50 centres nationwide for the basics and eLearning and progressive online courses via our sister site Please call us on the number above or make your enquiry and we will be only too pleased to help.